• Country:India
  • Add:Reg.office : 718/2, First Floor, 8th Main Road, Gomathipuram, Madurai – 625020. TN. INDIA
  • Web:https://www.koolcrafts.in/

KOOLCRAFTS™ is a registered INDIAN firm, based in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. KOOLCRAFTS™ brings over 15 years of valuable experience in the realm of part design, CAD/CAE software solutions, operational excellence, and value addition.

Engineering Expertise: KOOLCRAFTS™ is a standout support and service provider, backed by a deep understanding of Polymer science and Metallurgy. KOOLCRAFTS™ works closely with Thermoplastic, elastomer, Thermoset, LSR, MIM/CIM, Electronics IC Packaging and Investment casting WAX injection molding companies to address their day-to-day challenges, particularly in part design, material selection and tool development.

Support: KOOLCRAFTS™ offers a comprehensive package centered on Moldex3D. They not only provide licensing services but also offer user training and ongoing support to assist users in overcoming their daily challenges effectively.

KOOLCRAFTS™ Academy: KOOLCRAFTS™ goes beyond by operating the KOOLCRAFTS™ Academy, offering premier software and technology training to educational and commercial houses.

Contact KOOLCRAFTS™ for a discussion about the potential opportunities and capabilities with Moldex3D.