FlowHow® APS

  • Country:Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, UK
  • Add:Bogvadvej 33, DK-6040 Egtved, Denmark
  • Web:https://www.flowhow.dk/

FlowHow® was the first reseller of Moldex3D in Europe starting in 2002 and have lots of experience in advising and supporting in Moldex3D and development of plastic parts, tools and plastic manufacturing. The foundation of FlowHow® is based on knowledge from a long background, starting in the 90’s working at LEGO, and afterwards in FlowHow® being a part of many different projects in the plastic industry in Scandinavia, Great Britain and Ireland.

FlowHow® delivers a complete solution around Moldex3D, in the form of sale of Moldex3D, implementations and installations of the software, training of users as well as continuous support in regards to using Moldex3D. Together with you, FlowHow® finds the optimal simulation solution which perfectly fits you and your company. We deliver World Class support and always strive to support all FlowHow® customers fast and precise with a lot of knowhow. Our customers are our first priority.

You will not be left alone, and training in Moldex3D is always included in the Moldex3D solution from FlowHow®, so you can use Moldex3D for your own projects after only 2 days. All Moldex3D training is made specific for your company and the challenges you are facing.

Give us a call and let’s have a talk about the possibilities with Moldex3D.