EnDuraSim Pty Ltd.

EnDuraSim provides computer aided engineering software, consultancy services and education to help customers achieve business goals. With over eighty years experience working with engineering companies across the globe, EnDuraSim uses low-risk and effective methods to accelerate engineering simulation with a high degree of time and cost predictability.

EnDuraSim solutions work in dynamic environments where business and engineering strategies converge. Approaches focus on computer aided engineer simulation techniques and leverage an organisation’s simulation assets at all levels. EnDuraSim works with large global corporations and new generation engineering companies adding value through implementation of CAE.

The engineers at EnDuraSim have extensive knowledge of plastic injection molding processes having designed components for operation in Australian industry.

  • TEL:+61 2 9484 7837 (or 1300 790 661 from anywhere in Australia)
  • E-mail: info@endurasim.com.au
  • Contact: Mr. Eric Hecht