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FANUC started the development of NCs in 1955, and ever since, has devoted itself to focusing on factory automation.
FANUC is active in the fields of FA, which encompasses basic technologies, consisting of NCs (numerical controls), servos and lasers, and Robots to which such basic technologies are applied, as well as Robomachines.
Through the diligent efforts of FANUC to apply IoT/AI technologies to all fields, consisting of FA, Robots and Robomachines, customers are able to use FANUC products more efficiently.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI)

The Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group is an all-around machinery manufacturer engaged in the production of general industrial machinery, precision machinery, construction machinery, ships, environmental plant facilities, and other products. Our Power Transmission & Controls Group (PTC) is a business unit that develops and produces variable speed gears and gear reducers. More information can be found on SHI Website.